Monday 9/26/16


Thank you to everyone that made Saturday’s event a success! 


Front Squat (5 x 8 @ 60%)

Cycle 2, Week 1 — use same estimated 1 Rep Max as the previous 4 weeks. If new to this cycle, if you don’t have an actual 1 Rep Max OR enough data in Wodify to make a good estimate, follow the guidelines for the alternative set.

Alternative:  5 x 8, using same or slightly less weight than last 5×5

OPTIONAL SUPERSET: 6-8 Supine Hamstring Curls with Med Ball — maintain strong bridge position throughout


With a 7 minute clock:

50 Push-Ups, then
AMRAP Wall Balls in remaining time (20/14 to 10’/9′ targets)


Barbell or Foam Roller Quad Smash, 2-3 mins/leg

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