October Rowing Clinics & Classes! (UPDATED)

Attention all athletes! As we teased in the Fall newsletter, Coach Erinn will be visiting us for a few weeks in October and we will continue to offer a few beginner rowing clinics. This time we will also offer Rowing WODs — more details on those below! Mark your calendars for the clinic/classes you want to attend and reserve your spot through Wodify!

Reservations & Fees

  • Reservations for all classes open 1 week in advance
  • Reserve your spot through Wodify just like any other WOD
  • ***If you are on a limited plan (punch card, 9x, 13x monthly), please note that sign-in for all classes will be set-up to NOT count toward your class attendance, since there is an additional fee imposed for them***
  • Total fees for any/all classes attended will be charged to your Wodify account at the end of October

Beginner Rowing Clinic

Sunday, October 8 – 9:00AM

… If you are interested in a clinic but cannot make it at this time, send an e-mail with your interest and availability and we will try to work something out!

  • $20 – 1 hour clinic
  • Geared especially toward newer athletes or those who have not received much rowing technique instruction in the past
  • You’ll learn correct body positioning, the components of the rowing stroke, common errors & how to fix them, and basic efficiency tips

Rowing Classes

Friday, October 6 – 11:00AM
Sunday, October 8 – 10:00AM
Monday, October 9 – 7:00AM
Tuesday, October 10 – 9:00AM

Wednesday, October 11 – 7:30PM

… More classes may be added Oct. 12-24 based on interest and attendance at these; feel free to send an e-mail if you want to propose specific days & times!

  • $15 first class, $10 every additional class (all 45-60 min. classes)
  • Limited class size – 1 person/rower
  • Open to ANYONE – but would be helpful if you’ve taken one of our beginner clinics previously or have had some level of rowing technique instruction
  • Each class will be different and include warm-up and drills specific to the focus of that day’s workout. We’ll dive deeper into things like stroke rate, pacing, and interval training, while emphasizing technique and strategies for better efficiency
  • Can be used as either a supplement or replacement for a regular WOD
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