Open 2015: Compete for Yourself

UnknownThe Crossfit Open: Be an athlete on your terms

by Coach Rupert

The open is a phenomenal opportunity to be an athlete on your own terms. Compete for yourself and have some fun with the community. Further, you have the opportunity to generate some data about your overall fitness which is quite valuable information. The workouts you’ll perform during the open are a great assessment of your overall general fitness. Use them as a marker to plan your training goals for the upcoming year and then again as a data points in successive years (or during your training cycles). What gets measured get prioritized and improved.

Competition is a great driving force for self-improvement and introspection. The open is an opportunity to be proud of your progress and improvements while also providing feedback about aspects of your fitness you can work to improve. The drive for self-improvement is forged through competition and if you are part of the crossfit community you deserve to have that experience for yourself.

Click here to sign up for the Open today. You’ll be glad you did!


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