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June 1-Minute Max Challenge Numbers
June 1-Minute Max Challenge Numbers




Our June 1-Minute Max Challenge has come to a close! We had great participation from over 45 different athletes, many of whom did at least 3 of the 6. Special recognition goes to Leslie B. & Liesl G. who completed 5 of the 6 challenges, as well as Coach Jara, leading by example, who completed all of them!

We’d like to encourage everyone to enter your 1-minute max results into Wodify. We may repeat the challenge in a few months, or you can always do them on your own by finding a friend to judge. Having a record of your scores will enable you to gauge your improvement. We’ll erase the board at the gym sometime next week, so feel free to reference the photo above if you need help remembering your score!

How to Enter Your 1-Minute Max Results in Wodify (3 ways)

1) From your computer: log in to your Wodify account. Click on “My Performance” tab across top and then scroll to “Add Performance” from left menu. In the “Type” drop-down menu, select “Metcon” and then scroll down or type “1-Minute” – you will see all 6 of the performances listed. Choose the one you want to record and enter your number of reps! Select “Rx” if you performed the movement as prescribed according to the standards listed. Be sure to hit “Save” and you’re done!

2) From the Gym: You can also add this information at the gym kiosk without being logged into your personal account. Next time you are signed into a class on the Coachboard, simply click the “Add Performance” button and follow the steps above.

3) From the mobile app: In the menu in the upper right, click on “Add Results.” Select the middle tab at the top (“Custom WOD”). Type the number “1” and scroll down to the 1-Minute Max options, then follow the steps in #1.

If you have any difficulties entering your scores or with Wodify, don’t hesitate to let a coach know – we’re here to help!


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