Saturday 10/29/16


Reminder: No 8AM WOD today! Halloween WOD at 9AM, come in (any sort of) costume!

Tomorrow: Yoga is on at 9:30AM, no Open Gym


Team Halloween WOD

“Pumpkin Madness”

Rules will be covered at class!

AMRAP 30 minutes:

Run From the Zombies: 200m Jog (as a team)

Walking Dead: 20 Walking Lunges (each)

Graveyard Cross: 1 length Box Step-Overs (each)

Brain Toss: 20 Wall Balls (each)

Graveyard Cross: 1 length Box Step-Overs (each)

Rise from the Dead: 20 Sit-Ups (each)

Corpse Carry: Team Sled Push! All members of the team must ride down and back (1st to 3rd poles) at least once. It is up to the team to determine how many people are riding at one time and therefore how many reps need to be completed.


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