Saturday 10/31/15

Halloween-appropriate “Frankensteins” on a previous Saturday morning

Today is our 9:00am Halloween Costume WOD & Party! Come in (any sort of) costume or face penalty burpees (you’ve been warned)! Afterward, we’ll award prizes for best individual & group costumes and enjoy some refreshments. Feel free (but don’t feel obligated) to bring something to share! 

TOMORROW – SUNDAY 11/1 (don’t forget to set your clocks back!): 1) Yoga 9:30-10:45am — it’s not too late to sign up for the remaining 3 classes, still a great deal at $32! Just sign up here. 2) OPEN GYM 11:00am-12:30pm! We’re working hard to find some open gym time for you guys. Everyone is welcome, please just sign-in when you arrive.

“Pumpkin Madness”

Performed as a team of 3-5 (depending on # of athletes)

AMRAP 30 minutes:

Run From the Zombies: 200m Jog (as a team)

Walking Dead: 20 Walking Lunges

Graveyard Cross: 1 length Box Step-Overs

Brain Toss: 20 Wall Balls

Graveyard Cross: 1 length Box Step-Overs (other direction)

Rise from the Dead: 20 Sit-Ups

Corpse Carry: Team Sled Push! All members of the team must ride down and back (1st to 3rd poles) at least once. It is up to the team to determine how many people are riding at one time and how many are pushing, and therefore the weight and number of sled pushes they perform as a team.


The Rules!

1) Number of reps are PER PERSON. All members of the team must complete their reps before the team may move onto the next movement.

2) Except for the run and sled push, at least one member of the team must be resting at all times during the movement.

3) Each team is responsible for a “pumpkin” that must be held by a member of the team at all times (whether working or resting). If the pumpkin is dropped or set down at any point, all members on the team must immediately stop and do 10 burpees!

4) Individually scale all movements (up or down) as appropriate/needed/desired.

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