Saturday 11/14/15


Open Gym tomorrow (Sunday), 11:00am-12:30pm

Be sure to check out all the announcements on the whiteboard at the gym: upcoming 21-Day Sugar Detox; get a Nov-Dec goal on the Goal Board; Thanksgiving schedule

Skill Work

Coaches’ Choice: 10-15 minutes to work on Rope Climbs and/or Handstands

Partner WOD: The 20s (Time)

For Time:

One partner rows 8 calories while the other partner completes 20 reps of the assigned movement. Whichever partner is done first may rest until the other is finished. Switch each round. (Each partner should end up rowing 40 calories and completing 20 reps of each movement.)

Round 1: 20 Power Cleans
Round 2: 20 Overhead Squats
Round 3: 20 Push Jerks
Round 4: 20 Front Squats
Round 5: 20 Burpees

Rx: All barbell movements at 135/95

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