Saturday 11/5/16


Sunday Yoga & Open Gym are both ON! Guests are welcome, $20 drop-in.

No CrossFit Teens class on Tues, Nov. 8th 


Pistol Squat progressions


For Time:

800m Run
50 Cal Air Dyne (**done any time – see below)
100m Heavy Suitcase Carry (***see below)
40 Handstand Push-Ups
100m Heavy Suitcase Carry
30 Ring Dips
100m Heavy Suitcase Carry
20 Alternating Pistol Squats
100m Heavy Suitcase Carry

**Air Dyne may be done at ANY point in the WOD whenever a bike is free – your choice – other movements are done in order

***Suitcase Carry may be a KB, DB, or plate – the heaviest you can manage without setting it down until the 50m mark, where you will switch arms. Same weight all 4 rounds of carry. Record weight used to comments.


200m Easy Jog, then on floor:
Banded Hamstring Stretch – 1 min/leg
Lumbar Stretch (knees to chest) – 1 min
Extended Puppy Pose or Child’s Pose – 1 min

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