Saturday 12/19/15


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Partner WOD

Don’t Drop the Ball

With a partner! Complete all runs together. Partition Wall Balls and Squat Cleans individually as desired (one person working at a time).

For Time:

400m Run w/ Ball
80 Wall Ball Shots
400m Run w/ Ball
80 Partner Med Ball Sit-Ups
400m Run w/ Ball
80 Partner Med Ball Chest Passes
400m Run w/ Ball
80 Med Ball Squat Cleans

If the ball touches the ground at ANY point during the workout (except as required for each sit-up and squat clean rep), BOTH partners must immediately push their partner (holding the ball) on the sled down & back. (Yes – this means that for WBs you must catch the ball and hand it off to your partner!)

There is no Rx ball weight, use a weight that allows you to complete all movement standards. Record ball weight to comments.

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