Saturday 12/2/17

Corrin, Erica


  • The new CFIL Store is open for orders through next Fri, Dec. 8th! 

  • Our 22-Day Burpee Challenge started yesterday! Complete 22 burpees each day for 22 days (Dec. 1-22) and CFIL will donate to Active Heroes for every CFIL athlete that completes the challenge. Put your name up on the gym whiteboard if you’re in and be sure to update it with the number of days (out of 22) you’ve completed!

  • Annual Holiday Party is next Friday, Dec. 8th — start time 7PM! More details on the gym whiteboard.


“Monkeying Around”

With a clock running up to 20:00:

Accumulate as long as possible in a dead hang on pull-up bar (any grip)

Every time you drop, complete:
400m Run + 20 Push-Ups

Keep track of your total accumulated hanging time; record as your score


Accumulate 3 Minutes in a Forearm Plank (weighted optional) — rest as needed

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