Saturday 12/24/16



  • TODAY 12/24: 9AM WOD only!
  • Monday 12/26: Open Gym only (11AM-1PM)
  • Tuesday 12/27: No 6AM/7AM classes; normal schedule otherwise (9:45AM/5:30PM/6:30PM)

Please see our December newsletter for the full Holiday Schedule through Monday 1/2



Single-Double Under Review & Practice (focus on body positioning)

DB/KB Floor Press


Alternating EMOM 30 minutes (start anywhere, go in order, 5 rounds through):

1- 30 sec. V-Up Hold or Hollow Hold
2- Double-Arm KB Row x 8 reps each
3- Double-Arm DB Floor Press x 8 reps
4- 30 sec. Superman Hold
5- 30 Double-Unders
6- Max Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

Score is total # Burpee Box Jumps

Use a challenging weight for Floor Press (@8 reps), record weight used to comments.

Scale DUs to attempts or singles but should not be more than 45-50 sec. of work. Scale Holds to 15-20 seconds if needed, should be unbroken.


Calf Stretch
Lax Ball Calf Smash
Lax Ball Plantar Smash

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