Saturday 1/23/16


Happy Snow-In Weekend, CFIL athletes! Reminder that the gym is CLOSED through Sunday (no Saturday classes, no Sunday yoga or open gym). Stay tuned for updates on Monday’s schedule — all dependent on proper plowing and the ability to get to the gym safely.

Please accept our condolences for having to close the gym by completing one or more of the below workouts, all of which require virtually no equipment or space!

1) Shovel For Time

Ok, it may be cliche but it’s also a great idea! There is (or will soon be) TONS of snow out there and you probably have a car, walkway, driveway, or any combination of these that need to get shoveled out at some point. An hour of snow shoveling can burn upwards of 400-500 calories an hour. Just make sure you do it safely — don’t forget what you’ve learned in the gym. Switch sides/arms often, use your LEGS and not just your back (think deadlift!), and dress warmly!

NOTE: The below two workouts have been programmed in Wodify for Saturday 1/23. The system has been set up so that if you sign into class for Saturday it will NOT count against your class attendance, if you’re worried about that! So feel free to sign into “class,” complete one or both of the workouts over the weekend, and record your results so that others can see it on the virtual Whiteboard!

2) Home WOD: 20’s

AMRAP 20 minutes:

20 Walking Lunges
20 second Hollow Hold (as challenging as possible)
20 Air Squats
20 Push-Ups

3) Burpees AMRAP 10

Max Burpees in 10 minutes! To perform this as prescribed (Rx), be sure the burpee standards are met on all reps: full chest touches floor, full hip extension at top, feet come off floor at top.

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