Saturday 2/11/17

NEW CFIL GEAR is now available! Orders are due on Mon. Feb 20 at 8:00AM.


  • TODAY, SATURDAY 2/11: WODs at 8AM, 9AM, and 10AM!
  • TOMORROW, SUNDAY 2/12: Yoga at 9:30AM, Cycle for Survival Fundraiser WOD at 11:30AM!

The fundraiser WOD on Sunday will be appropriate for ALL levels so please bring friends or family, no CrossFit experience needed! Suggested donation is $20. All donations will go to Cycle for Survival on behalf of the CFIL team! (It’s also not too late to join the team that will be riding in the event on Feb. 26th — for more info or to register just click here!)


EMOM 24′ (4 rounds of 6 stations): start anywhere, distributed evenly, and rotate through in order. Record total KB Swings across 4 rounds as your score, record DL weight to comments.

1- 8 Deadlifts @ 60%*
2- 30 Hollow Rocks
3- 15/12 Calorie Bike, Ski, or Row (mix it up)
4- 5 Right then 5 Left Box Step-Ups w/ KB (Rx 53/35, Rx+ 70/53) (20″ everyone)**
5- Max American KB Swings (same KB as step-ups)

*Scale as needed to a weight you can perform with good form and controlled descent on all reps (no dropping)
**Hold KB in front rack position, on side opposite from leg stepping up on box


200m Easy Jog then Couch Stretch, 2 mins/side

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