Saturday 2/13/16

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WOW! With 2 weeks to go until the first Open workout, we’re up to 38 CFIL athletes who have committed to participate! 

Sunday 2/14 Schedule: 

  • Yoga 9:30am (Drop-In $15)
  • Fundraiser WOD for local soccer team 11am-12pm (details at gym or in CFIL Facebook group page)
  • Open Gym 12pm-1:30pm

Valentines Day (Before) Partner WOD


5 Rounds:

Each partner performs (one person working at a time–may alternate whenever you choose):
20 Wall Balls (each)
20 Alternating DB Snatch (each)

After each partner is finished, both partners perform:
10 Synchronized Burpees

The above is one full round, repeat 4 times.

FLOATER MOVEMENT: Each pair must complete 8 (One-Way) Partner Sled Pushes (4x each) during the course of the WOD, you choose when to do them/break them up.

***There are intentionally no prescribed weights for WBs/DB Snatch, choose your own – focus is on good movement and technique. Record Rx as long as you were true to all movement standards!

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