Saturday 2/18/17


Today is the last Saturday with our regular schedule (8AM/9AM/10AM) until the beginning of April. From 2/25 through 3/25 (5 weeks) we will run a WOD from 8:00-8:45AM for anyone not participating in the Open, and will run the Open WOD from 9AM – 11AM. 

Monday (President’s Day): 6AM WOD moved to 9AM, all afternoon/evening WODs will be held as scheduled (noon/4:30/5:30/6:30)!

Get your orders in for our NEW CFIL GEAR  before the weekend is over! Store closes Monday at 8:00AM.

Conditioning Partner WOD

“Sharing is Caring”

For Time (30′ CAP):

400m Run
100 Sit-Ups
200m Double DB/KB Carry (2×50+/2×35+)
100 Ball Slams (35+/25+)
400m Single Object Carry (50+/35+)
100 Burpees Over the KB
200m Run

Runs and Carry are done together as a team. On the Carry, one person holds object(s) at a time, switch when desired. For the 100 Sit-Ups, Ball Slams, and Burpees, partners switch every 10 reps.


5 Mins. Group Stretching — Coaches’ Choice

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