Saturday 3/4/17


Saturday: 8AM WOD (open to all members), 9AM Open 17.2 (to all those participating), NO 10AM WOD!

Sunday: 9:30AM Yoga, 11:00AM Open Gym (with 11:30AM make-up for Open 17.2)


Super Tabata!

Everything will be explained in class. Come in for a fun workout!

1- Air Squats
2- Alt. Lunges
3- Burpee Sprawl to Frog
4- Broad Jumps
5- Hand to Elbow Planks
6- Supermans
7- Hollow Hold

9AM CrossFit Games Open

Open Workout 17.2

AMRAP 12′:

2 Rounds:
50 ft. DB Walking Lunge
16 Toes to Bar (Scaled: Hanging Knee Raise)
8 DB Power Cleans

2 Rounds:
50 ft. DB Walking Lunge
16 Bar Muscle-Ups (Scaled: Pull-Ups)
8 DB Power Cleans

Rx: 50/35
Scaled: 35/20

Full movement standards and weights for all divisions available on the Games website

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