Saturday 4/16/16


A lot of fun was had in Friday’s classes for Rachel’s 50th birthday Partner WOD! 


1 Rep Max Sled Push (2 attempts )

Max weight sled push from 1st to 3rd poles (one-way), without stopping, with GOOD FORM (flat back). If sled stops moving forward at ANY point, it is a no-rep! (Judge/cheer for one another)

Use only the two heavier sleds, and record only the weight ADDED to the sled, do not include sled weight.


Bear Complex (5 Rounds; 1 Round/Rep = 7 complexes)

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Second Push Press

In the Bear Complex all movements must be distinct movements. One round/rep requires performing the Bear Complex 7 TIMES without resting. Complete 1 Round every ~4 minutes until you have completed the 5 rounds. (20 MIN TIME CAP)

You may use the same weight across all 5 rounds or ascend; record heaviest used.

Mobility Cash-Out

Coaches’ Choice!

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