Saturday 5/27/17


Saturday – Normal schedule (8AM/9AM/10AM WODs)

Sunday – NO Yoga; Open Gym at 11:00AM

Monday – Memorial Day Murph! Gym open/t-shirt sales start at 8:45AM, warm-up and briefing starts at 9AM!

Conditioning Team WOD

“Family Feud”

With athletes divided as evenly as possible into 2-3 teams, and a 25:00 running clock:

Buy-In: 30 Team SYNCHRONIZED Burpees

Then, AMRAP in remaining time of:

80 ft. Sled Sprint (+50-75#)
100m (rail & back) Heavy Object Carry (Slam Ball, Kettlebell, Plate, D-Ball, Sandbag…)
200m Run

Everyone starts on the sled – as soon as first athlete finishes the sled, the next can start. Teammates can pass each other throughout the AMRAP but must stick to their own team’s sled!

Each athlete chooses their own object for the 100m carry; it should be heavy enough to want to put down at the 50m mark. Can be carried in any manner.

The winning team is the team with the highest total number of full rounds completed (add all individual rounds together at the end!). Burpee penalty for losing team(s) – TBD by coach!

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