Saturday 5/28/16


Want to improve your rowing technique? Sign up for our upcoming small group Rowing Clinics using this form! 

Sunday Yoga 9:30-10:45am, Open Gym until 12:30pm

Monday Memorial Day MURPH starts at 9am! Details here!


EMOM 15 minutes (3x through):

MIN 1: 10 x Barbell Front Rack Lunges, Reverse step (5 each leg)
MIN 2: 10 x Single-Arm KB Swings (hand to hand)
MIN 3: 10 x Single-Arm DB Push Press (5 each arm)
MIN 4: Wall Walk into 20-30 sec Handstand Hold (shoulder taps optional)

Choose moderate to challenging weights for all movements


AMRAP 15 minutes:

300m Row
3 Rope Climbs (scale: 3×10 Barbell Body Rows)

Restart rower every round. Share as needed!

Score 1 rep for every 100m rowed in last round

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