Saturday 6/25/16

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Athletes: Sore and tired from this week? Give our Yoga class with Cristin a try, you won’t regret it! Sunday Yoga 9:30-10:45am followed by Open Gym until 12:30pm!

Bodyweight Strength

EMOM 16 minutes:

MIN 1: 5-7 Single-Leg Box Step-Ups (all on one leg — alternate legs each round) — be sure to keep toes pulled up for foot on the floor to ensure that leg on the box is doing all the work. Start with low box height (or stacked plates), increase difficulty/height as you progress
MIN 2: 5 Parallette (or KB) Shoot Throughs with Push-Up & Dip (both directions = 1 rep)


For Time (16 MIN CAP):

1 Mile Run (Murph route)
30 (Heavy) KB Goblet Squats (Rx: 70/53)

Get your mile split time when you come in, and record to comments.

Scale to 1200m Run if mile is >11 min

Cash-Out / Cool Down

4 Rounds – rest as needed:
15 sec Extended Crab Hold
15 sec Seated Pike Up Hold

then, 2+ min Frog Stretch (optional: Banded)

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