Saturday 7/2/16



  • Saturday 7/2 – normal schedule (8AM, 9AM WODs)

  • Sunday 7/3 – Open Gym 10:30am-12:30pm

  • Monday 7/4 – 9AM WOD only

Conditioning Partner WOD

For Time:

3 Rounds Each:
While one partner Rows 500m,the other partner holds the bar in a front rack position.

then, 3 Rounds Each:
While one partner performs 25 Front Squats, the other partner performs a Static Ring Hold***.

NOTE: The partner rowing or squatting may only work while the other partner is performing the specified hold. If/when the partner performing the hold needs to rest, other person must stop rowing or squatting until partner is ready to continue.

***Static Ring Hold scale options: Ring Plank Hold, Static Hold on Boxes or Parallettes, or Plank Hold on floor. Scale Front Squat reps to 15-20 as needed.

Rx+: 135/95
Rx: 115/75

Cash-Out / Cool Down

5 Minutes Group Foam Rolling (hamstrings and T-spine)

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