Saturday 7/30/16



Today (Saturday) 10:00am – Parents & Kids/Teens PARTNER WOD! Ages 5+ and fully scalable, will be a great workout for all involved.

Tomorrow (Sunday) YOGA with Cristin (9:30am-10:45am) and OPEN GYM (10:45am-12:30pm) are both ON! Both are available to ALL members, just sign-in on the kiosk. No experience necessary for Yoga, everyone has been loving it so come give it a try, especially if you’re feeling sore and tight from the week!


3 Rounds for Time (25 MIN CAP):

200m Run with a Med Ball (20/14)
20 Med Ball Sit-Ups Against Wall
200m Run with a KB (44/26)
20 KB Sit-Ups (hold against chest)


  • MB/KB loads may be carried in ANY way for the run
  • Use same MB/KB for run as for sit-ups (scale to no weight on sit-ups)
  • MB/KB loads should allow you to move at a consistent pace — scale them down or up as appropriate

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Accumulate 2-3 minutes in a Back Bridge (scale as needed by elevating hands or using a partner) or Superman Hold

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