Saturday 7/9/16


Don’t forget that Sunday Yoga (9:30am) with Cristin is now included as a class option for all members! More details in our July newsletter if you missed this announcement.

Conditioning Partner WOD

“Nate Meets Murph”

With a partner — complete all runs together, partition all other reps as desired (one person working at a time):


800m Run

3 Rounds:
4 Muscle-Ups (Scale: 4 Bar MUs or 8 Ring/Box Dips or Banded MU transitions with dip)
8 HSPUs (Scale: Box HSPU, Seated DB Press, or Negatives)
16 American KB Swings (Scale: Russian) (53/35)

800m Run

3 Rounds:
20 Pull-Ups (Scale: Ring Rows)
40 Push-Ups
60 Air Squats

800m Run

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Go immediately into cool-down when finished with WOD:

Downward/Upward Dog – 1-2 mins
Pigeon Pose – 1 min/side
Straddle Against Wall – 3+ mins

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