Saturday 8/20/16

Always learning! Paul E. and Coach Jara with Olympic Lifting experts/coaches Daniel Camargo and Cara Heads at a recent clinic!

REMINDER: No Open Gym tomorrow, 8/21. Yoga is still ON (9:30-10:45am)!

Partner/Team Conditioning

In teams of 2-3, row as far as possible in 20 minutes (per gym clock, not rower monitor). Each athlete rows for 1 minute once they get on the machine. Rest when you’re not rowing.

Record total meters rowed as a team.

Partner/Team Cash-Out

With your same partner/team, perform a 200m Carry. May use any combination of equipment (KBs, DBs, slam balls, plates) and hold it in any manner you wish, but to score this as Rx you must complete the carry in 5 minutes so choose appropriately! (Equipment must be carried, not rolled/pushed etc)

Score is total weight, in pounds, carried by your team altogether.

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