Saturday 8/8/15



20 minutes to make up a lift from this week (new lifting cycle!) or work on a skill. First 5 minutes should be spent on lift/skill-specific mobility.

Conditioning – Team WOD

In teams of 3, complete as many meters as possible (AMMAP) in 20 minutes of:

1 minute row
10 Ball Slams
10 Box Jumps
10 Toes to Bar

*Each round, add 30 seconds to the row and 2 reps of each movement (round 2 – 1:30/12 reps, round 3 – 2:00/14 reps, etc.).

First person starts on rower and teammates follow in order; first person starts next round as soon as last teammate has completed their row. Score is total meters rowed by the team.

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