Saturday 9/30/17

Check out our post below on upcoming rowing clinics and classes at CFIL during October, starting with a Rowing WOD on Friday 10/6 (reservations now open) and both a Beginner’s Clinic and Rowing WOD on Sunday, Oct. 8 – reservations open tomorrow, Oct. 1

Running Conditioning

15 Mins. to complete for quality:

8-10 sets of: 100m (to curb) Hard Run (~90% of an all-out Sprint) & Walk Back

As soon as you finish the walk back, start next run


10 sets of: 30 sec. Sprint Bike or Row / 1 min Easy


“Sunshine and Kettlebells”

For Time:

Building Run (470m)
50 Russian KB Swings
20 KB Push Press (alt. arms as desired)
100m KB Goblet Carry
20 KB Push Press (alt. arms as desired)
50 Goblet Squats
Building Run (470m)

Choose ONE KB and use for ALL the KB work. Rx = 53/35

Start and end at the bay door – but perform all KB work outside

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