Spring Wellness Challenge Results!

The Whole 30 Begins today, it's not too late to sign up. Ask a coach, you'll be assigned a team today!
Wellness Challenge Winners are…

From early May-early June, a number of CFIL athletes took part in our Spring Wellness Challenge. Unlike previous nutrition challenges we’ve done as a gym, this challenge also took into account both sleep and activity levels for a more holistic approach. And also unlike previous challenges, this one (due to popular demand) came with a cash prize! Participating athletes put $20 each into the pot, to be split among the winners.

First, a big congrats goes out to ALL of the athletes who took part in the Wellness Challenge. If you learned anything about yourself during the course of the last five weeks that might result in some changes you make to your diet or lifestyle going forward, consider that a win; that’s huge. Remember, you’re only in the gym a few hours every week – it’s what you do outside the gym that’s going to either help or hinder your performance, health, and appearance. These challenges are great for providing a period of accountability and super-dialed-in behavior, but it’s what you learn and take away from it that’s going to be the most valuable.

Second… the results are in! The top three men and women, as determined by analysis of both before/after photos and point tallies, are:


1. Bob Sakinawa

2. Joe Foley

3. Adam Safir


1. Merarys Rios

2. Heather Foley

3. Andrea Sudjapun

Congratulations to all six of you — starting on Sunday, see a coach at the gym to collect your cash winnings!



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