The Secret to Double-Unders


Listen up, because we’re about to disclose a major, not-so-secret secret to mastering the elusive Double-Under — whether you’re still struggling to get one or whether you are looking to string more of them together:

Buy. Your. Own. Rope. 

We highly encourage any CFIL athlete looking to improve their double-under game to purchase their own rope that you can either leave at the gym or (pursuant to #1 below) bring it with you each time. Although we have ropes at the gym that are always available for use, there are several major benefits to having a rope to call your very own:

  1. (Most obvious) You can practice outside of the gym. Even if you are in the gym several days per week, having your own rope means that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Just a few minutes of practice per day, on your own rope, will go a long way toward improving your jump-roping skills.
  2. You won’t have to worry about finding a rope that fits you or adjusting the rope because your own rope will always be a good fit for you. This means you can avoid precious moments wasted during warm-up, and also allow you to get in a few minutes of practice before or after class with ease.
  3. Many brands of ropes now have a bit more advanced technology than the type we carry at the gym, specifically with regard to the handle design. Most ropes you will see on the market, including all that we link below, have designed their handles in such a way that the cable can spin freely in all directions, leading to more fluid rotation overall — which is especially important when we want to stress quick rotation in the wrist.
  4. In terms of the cable weight, most beginners will find success with a slightly heavier cable (similar to what we have at the gym), as you will be able to feel the rope moving through space a little better. As you get more proficient in your skills and are looking to gain speed, there are many options out there with lighter cables that will translate to quicker rotations, and therefore faster doubles.

We’re linking several options below that we’ve seen work well, whether for us personally or athletes we’ve worked with. However, there are MANY other similar brands out there too, so feel free to shop around. Whichever rope you go with, just be sure to pay attention to any sizing guidelines. Feel free to talk with a coach if you have any questions about what you should be looking for based on your current skill level!

Rx Custom Jump Ropes (from Rogue)

Rogue Fixed Length Speed Ropes (from Rogue)

Again Faster Speed Ropes (three types based on proficiency level)

WOD Nation Speed Rope (on Amazon)

CrossRope offers several individual ropes and sets (including their Double-Under Domination Set and new Bolt Speed Rope Set) – Coach Steve is a great resource on CrossRope, talk to him if you’re interested or have questions!

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