CF Open 2018

Central resource for information on the 2018 CrossFit Games Open, including how we will run it at CrossFit Inner Loop with our 2nd Annual in-house INTRAMURAL OPEN!

About the 2018 Open

If you’re new to CrossFit or to the Open, check out these other past videos from CrossFit HQ that explain a bit more about the Open and why more and more people are doing it every year:

What’s your Why?

I’m Doing the Open

Why We Do It

The CFIL Intramural Open

For the second year, we’ll be running a FUN, TEAM-BASED, in-house competitive event during the official CrossFit Games Open (February 22 – March 26). This is a fantastic way to not only build our community during the Open, but also a way to inspire and motivate new athletes or those who have not participated in the Open in the past. The CFIL Intramural Open will focus on inclusion and celebration instead of just competition (though we encourage you to come at this with 100% effort, too!).



Official registration ($20) is done through the CrossFit Games website. Click the button above, or go to and complete all the required steps. (Be sure to choose CrossFit Inner Loop as your affiliate under the question, “Where do you work out?” and select CrossFit Inner Loop as your TEAM as well.)

Teams & T-Shirts (AKA The Important Stuff)

Athletes who register on the Games site by 2/1/2018 will be placed on one of THREE (3) in-house teams. Team leaders this year are Adi L., Margaret R., and Michelle V. ! Each team will have one or more participating coaches as well.

  • Each team will have its own private Facebook group through which to communicate throughout the Intramural Open
  • Teams determine team names and collect t-shirt sizes (~$20) prior by February 7th
  • Athletes who register after this time may still be placed on a team, but will not receive a team shirt

NOTE: Coaches and members who do not want to participate in the Intramural Open but are interested in volunteering to help in running the Open workouts on Saturdays should e-mail Jara ( before February 7th. Volunteers who can commit to at least 3  out of 5 Saturdays (8:45AM-11:30AM) will receive a special staff Open shirt on us as a thank-you!

Doing the Workouts

The Open will include five workouts (“18.1” through “18.5”) programmed over five consecutive weekends starting the last weekend in February. Each Thursday night, that weekends’ Open workout will be announced and athletes have until the following Monday at 8PM EST to submit their scores to the Games website.

As in previous years, we will be running the Open workouts as a group at CFIL on Saturday mornings (Feb. 24; March 3, 10, 17, 24) in place of all morning WODs. (We anticipate the event running from approximately 9AM-11AM but it all depends on the workout and how many athletes we can run at once.) These mornings will be a LOT of fun and will be your chance to contribute to your team’s spirit points (more on points below), so if you are available, we strongly encourage you to come out and complete the WOD at that time (and maybe bring some family/friends to augment your team’s cheering section!).

Can’t make it on Saturdays? Here are your options:

  • We are not planning to run ‘official’ make-up sessions on Sundays as we did last year but you may still complete the workout during Sunday Open Gym. You must be aware of the movement standards and equipment/space required, have a judge, and be willing to judge others that may also want to do the workout during that time.
  • If you are out of town for the whole weekend, you may be able to complete the workout at another CrossFit affiliate. Go to to find an affiliate near you, and then contact them to see if they are running the Open WODs and you can drop-in.
  • To be fair to our class participants, performing the Open WOD during any of our regular Friday or Monday classes will only be permitted on a case-by-case basis, pending space and coach availability. You will still need to reserve a spot for that class, and must be aware of the movement standards and equipment/space required, have a judge and your own clock, and be willing to judge others that may also want to do the workout during that time. Please note, performing the Open WOD during Friday/Monday classes should be the exception and not the rule.

Types of Workouts

For each of the five weeks, CrossFit HQ will release several variations of that programmed Open WOD, with different weights/movement variations/standards, based upon athletes’ age:

  • Open (ages 18-55) Rx and Scaled (Men / Women)
  • Masters (ages 55+) Rx and Scaled (Men / Women)
  • Teens (ages 14-15) Rx and Scaled (Boys / Girls)
  • Teens (ages 16-17) Rx and Scaled (Boys / Girls)

The Scaled version of each WOD was introduced in 2015 and is meant to offer a pared-down version of the prescribed (Rx) version. The Scaled version can always be further scaled/adapted if necessary; even if you only complete 1 rep you can get that point for your team as long as you submit your score! 

Check out this article: To Scale or Not To Scale?

Submitting Workout Results

Upon completion of each WOD, your judge will provide you with a slip of paper that contains your official score for that WOD. To be eligible to score participation points for their team, athletes are responsible for submitting their own scores through the Games website before the Monday 8PM deadline. Affiliate owners then validate these scores before they are officially published on the worldwide Leaderboard.

Team Scoring Process

Each week, teams will earn points for:

  • Athlete Participation: Based on performing the workout, with a judge, and entering the score on the Games website before the deadline. Only scores posted to the Games website will be counted! 
  • Team Spirit: The team that demonstrates the most spirit each week will receive additional bonus points (designated spirit “themes” for each week will be announced weekly)
  • Additional opportunities to earn individual points TBA

Grand Prize & Celebratory Party

In addition to overall gym pride, the winning team will have its photo prominently displayed in the gym for bragging rights!

A Post-Open celebratory WOD (18.6) & Happy Hour will be held in the team’s honor, day/time TBD

Final Scores!