Thursday 1/25/18

CFIL Athletes! Register for the 2018 CrossFit Games Open before February 1st so that you can be placed on a team for our 2nd annual Intramural Open! To register, visit

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*Details in Wodify*

Front Squat (5-5-5+)

Work Sets:
5 reps @ 60%
5 reps @ 67%
5+ reps (as many reps as possible, must be more than 5) @ 75%


“Overhead Costs”

AMRAP 12′:

20 Med Ball Sit-Ups with Overhead Wall Throw (20/14+)**
10 Front Rack (R) Alternating Lunges (in-place)
10 Front Rack (L) Alternating Lunges (in-place)

**Rx: In sit-up position facing the wall, touch ball to ground behind head, then sit-up and throw ball overhead aggressively toward the wall. Catch the ball off the bounce and go back into the sit-up. As Rx’ed this is one fluid movement with ball thrown from overhead. If needed, scale to a sit-up into chest pass.

Rx: 44+/30+ (DB or KB)

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