Thursday 10/15/15

Congratulations to our October Group On-Ramp graduates – from L-R: Kristin, Kelly, Michelle, Anne, and John! Be sure to welcome them when you see them in class!

Bodyweight Strength

3 Rounds through – rotate every 90 seconds (18 minutes total):

1) PULL: 1st and 3rd rounds: 2×5 pull-ups; 2nd round: 2×5 chin-ups (all weighted, strict, or using challenging band)

2) PUSH: 2×5 dips (rings, bars, parallettes, or boxes – use assistance as needed)

3) CORE: 10-15 windshield wipers (scale: hanging knee raises w/ twist)

4) INVERT: Handstand walking practice OR 45-sec wall-facing handstand hold


As many calories rowed as possible in 10 minutes:

Row 500m
15 Push Press/Jerk (135/95)
Row 250m
10 Push Press/Jerk
Row 125m
5 Push Press/Jerk
Row until time is up

Score is total calories rowed.

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