Thursday 10/22/15

Erica celebrating her birthday the best way we know how, with a weight vest and a WOD!

Bodyweight Strength

3 Rounds through – rotate every 90 seconds (18 minutes total):

1) PUSH: 2×5 dips (rings, parallel bars, paralletes, or boxes)

2) KIP: Hollow/Arch rolls or Ring Swings/Lever Rocks

3) PULL: Strict Muscle-Ups or MU Transitions on Low Rings

4) INVERT: Accumulate 30 Sec. static hold, either wall facing or free standing


Bench Press (10, 7, 6, 6, 4, 2 reps, ascending weight)

record all weights to comments


3 minutes to complete as many GOOD FORM Sit-Ups, Tuck-Ups, or V-Ups as possible

Note your choice in comments

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