Thursday 10/5/17

Beginner Rowing Clinics: 10/8 at 9AM or 10/11 at 7:30PM

Rowing WODs: 10/6 11AM, 10/8 10AM, 10/9 7AM, 10/10 9AM. Improve your technique while learning pacing and other strategies to make rowing more enjoyable.

Reserve your spot for all classes in Wodify! More details here: 


Thruster (5 x 3, ascending)

E3MOM for 15′: 3 Barbell Thrusters

Build as desired over the 5 sets to a heavy triple for today


Alternating EMOM 15′ (5 Rounds):

1- 10 Alt. Pistol Squats
2- 20 Single-Arm DB Push Press (alt. arms as desired)*
3- 30 Double-Unders or scale to 1 Min. of DU practice / attempts

*Record DB weight as your score

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