Thursday 11/19/15



There are 2 different components for our Clean work today. The first works on proper positioning when pulling from floor, being patient to not start the pull early. The second provides an opportunity to put this technique to use for the clean pull and full clean.

1) Halting Clean Deadlift + Clean Pull (2 reps EMOM for 5 minutes )

3 second pause at the following 3 positions: 1) 2 inches off floor, 2) Mid-patella, 3) Mid/upper thigh (shoulders over the bar), then finish into clean pull
All sets at 75% of max clean

2) Clean Pull + Clean (1 complex EMOM for 7 minutes)

1 clean pull from floor, reset, 1 full clean (try to catch in bottom of squat)
Start at 75% max clean (same as deadlift); adding if desired


AMRAP 16 minutes:

10 Toes to Bar
15 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)

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