Thursday 12/10/15

Rowing is much more fun with a partner so come on in for today’s WOD!

FRIDAY: CFIL Holiday Party is TOMORROW at 6:30PM! See your email for more details, hope to see you there!

SATURDAY: GYM IS CLOSED for the Adaptive Athlete Seminar, see your email for 9AM trail run details led by Coach Amy

SUNDAY: 11AM WOD & Farewell to Coach Erinn Potluck brunch, please join us as we tearfully say goodbye to Coach Erinn at the end of Dec.


Snatch (2 snatches EMOM 12 minutes)

3 second pause at knee on each rep. Ascend weight if form is good/able to catch snatch below parallel


13 minute AMRAP:

Partner 1: 250m Row

Partner 2: Max Russian KB Swings (53/35)

Switch every 250 meters, Partner 2 can only swing when Partner 1 is actually rowing. Score is the TOTAL # KB swings completed by the pair (count consecutively).

You do not have to use the same KB wt. as your partner. Record your wt. used to comments if not Rx wt

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