Thursday 1/21/16

Ending a WOD with some mobility is always a great idea!

Weather Closings! With the impending snowstorm, we wanted to remind folks of our primary methods of communicating any schedule changes or class cancellations:

  1. Text Message: We can quickly and easily send a gym-wide SMS through our Wodify system, and it is our preferred method for last-minute cancellations or changes. To check if you are subscribed to SMS, log into your Wodify profile, click “Notifications,” and ensure the the “SMS Notifications” box is checked.
  2. Wodify: Any daily announcements will appear in yellow font on the WOD page for that day.
  3. WOD Blog: We post regular announcements and relevant information on this blog, as well as the WOD for the next day (earlier than on Wodify) so be sure to check it daily!
  4. Facebook: Finally, if you are on Facebook, be sure to join our members-only group (search for “CrossFit Inner Loop Members” and request to join). We cannot add you to the group, you have to request to join it. 


3-Position Snatch (power, hang, floor) (1 complex every 2 mins for 12 mins)

Work on catching in bottom of squat. Perform 2 sets at a lighter weight, 2 sets at a moderate weight, and 2 sets at a heavier weight


For Time:

Calorie Row
Box Jumps (24/20)

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