Thursday 12/15/16



Power Clean (8 x 2)

2 reps E2MOM for 16 minutes. Start at ~65-70% 1RM and ascend, finding heaviest doubleĀ for today. Quick reset between reps allowed.


Alternating EMOM 14 minutes:

15 Wall Balls (Rx: 20/14 to 10 ft. targets (everyone))
5 Unbroken Hang Power Cleans (Rx: All sets above 70% 1RM)

Goal is to find your heaviest set of 5 reps as your score (does NOT have to be on your 7th set). Record weights used for all 7 sets to comments.

Cash-Out & Cool Down

10-20 Barbell Ab Roll-Outs – keep hollow position

Lax Ball First Rib Mobilization (against rack) – 2 minutes/side

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