Thursday 1/26/17

Warm welcome to new member Danny, who recently completed our Private On-Ramp program! Be sure to say hi when you see him in class!

A Note About The CrossFit Games Open 2017

Today marks ONE MONTH out from our first Saturday Open WOD of 2017! The Open means different things to different people. For some of our athletes the Open might be just one of several competitions or competitive outlets they conquer during the year; for others it might be the focus of their training and something they wish to do well at; for many, it’s simply a fun way to test where they’re at with their fitness and throw down with their friends and community in a supportive setting.

Whatever YOUR reason, we hope you will consider participating with us this year. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a CrossFit newbie, we have a place for you in the CFIL Intramural Open!  



Conditioning Partner WOD

With a partner, complete 4 x 4:00 stations with 1 Min. rest in between each. One person working at a time — switch whenever desired, but keep effort level and intensity HIGH when you are the one working. Count and record all reps/calories consecutively as a team.

May start on any station, rotate in order:

1- Air Dyne (cals)
2- Rope Climbs (reps)
3- OH Plate Reverse Lunges (45/30) (reps)
4- Toes to Bar (reps)


3 Rounds — rest as needed:

15 Side Plank Hip Raises on Forearm, each side
15 Back Extensions (GHD or Supermans)
30 sec. Downward/Upward Dog

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