Thursday 2/15/18

Meet Robbie! New On-Ramp grad – evening athletes, give him a good welcome when you see him in class!


President’s Day Schedule (Monday 2/19): WODs at 9AM, 12PM, 4:30PM, and 5:30PM (no 6AM or 6:30PM)


Clean and Jerk (5 x 3)

E3MOM for 15′: 3 Clean & Jerks (up to 15-sec reset between reps). Can be power or squat clean, push jerk or split jerk.

First set at 60%, build as desired


“Power Hour”

For Time (10′ CAP):

50 Clean & Jerks* (135/95)

EMOM: 7 Ball Slams

SCALE C&J weight and/or # Ball Slams appropriately given notes below:

On the Clean & Jerk, we are looking for a moderate load where a single repetition is ALWAYS there. In other words, choose a weight that allows for 10+ unbroken reps, if you went for it. With that said, our goal for the workout today is to maintain consistent sets throughout the entire piece. On the Ball Slams the weight should be light to moderate – we are looking to perform these in under 10 seconds, every round. This will preserve the stimulus, getting you back to barbell immediately. We want to make this a Clean & Jerk workout, challenged by Ball Slams – not the other way around.

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