Thursday 2/16/17

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Barbell Technique / Conditioning

Power Snatch Cycling Practice — all sets at 50-60% of your max Snatch

E2MOM 6 mins (3 sets):
20 sec. Max Hang Power Snatches
Rest in remaining time

Rest 3 minutes

E2MOM 6 mins (3 sets):
20 sec. Max Power Snatches (from floor)
Rest in remaining time


“To the Core”


25 Toes to Bar
75 Double-Unders

Scale: 25 Hanging Knee Raise, 75 Single-Unders (NO DOUBLE/TRIPLE SINGLES)

Score total reps (100 reps/round)


2-3x through:
30″ Upward Dog (stretch abs)
30″ Lax Ball Calf/Achilles Smash each side

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