Thursday 2/2/17

Last chance to join an Intramural Open team if you want to get a team shirt! E-mail us ASAP if you want help being placed on a team!

(Questions about the Open? Go to

Remember our two (2) upcoming fundraiser opportunities!

  1. Sunday, Feb. 5: If you’d like an alternative to Yoga this coming Sunday, consider taking part in Leo’s Run, a local 5K Run/Walk run by former CFIL athlete and Yoga instructor, Mike Mowery, to assist families coping with prenatal loss. CFIL is a sponsor organization for this event. 9AM start, family-friendly! More info & registration can be found at
  2. Sunday, Feb. 12: In place of Open Gym, join us at the gym at 11:30AM for a fundraiser WOD to support CFIL’s Cycle for Survival team. The workout will be appropriate for all levels so bring your family and friends, no CrossFit experience needed! Suggested donation is $20 cash. All donations will go to Cycle for Survival. 


Gymnastics Skills / Conditioning

Alternating EMOM 12′

1- 3 Strict + 3 Kipping HSPU OR 8 Box HSPU

2- 30 sec. Wall Facing Handstand Hold


Moving continuously through this sequence for 20 minutes (AMRAP for quality):

Heavy Sled Push, down & back
1 Strict Muscle-Up OR 5 Strict Pull-Ups
10 steps, R Arm OH Walking Lunge***
10 steps, L Arm OH Walking Lunge***
20 American KB Swings (60+/44+)

***Your choice weight KB or DB for the walking lunges – same weight both arms, record weight used as your score. Go as heavy as possible BUT as light as necessary to maintain good posture with locked-out arm.

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