Thursday 3/8/18

Lydia & Megan

Lydia won our “Spirit of the Games” last week, who will it be this week?!  We find out our fate for 18.3 tonight!


Power Snatch + 3 OH Squats (10 sets)

After barbell warm-up and technique work, you have 20 minutes on the clock to complete 10 work sets. All work sets above 60% of best power snatch, build slowly over the 10 sets. Record heaviest single (single rep is 1 Power Snatch + 3 OHS)


2-3 Rounds, rest as needed:

30 second Side Elbow Plank (each side)
30 second Superman Hold
60 second Weighted Elbow Plank (get a super friend to help you load/unload plate on your back)
200m Jog

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