Thursday 3/10/16


More IL babies!!! Big congratulations to Laura & Steve B. on their new addition Harper Katherine, born in the wee hours of March 4! Today we’ll honor the two of them with a fun partner WOD in Harper’s name. Can’t wait to meet her!


Push Jerk (Warm-up 3×3 then 5×3 @ same weight)

Add from last Tues if felt good or from last push jerk cycle (sets of 5)



With a partner, for time:

Deadlift (145/115)
Front Squats (95/65)
Push Press (95/65)

Both partners do all reps, you rest while your partner is working (i.e., Partner #1 does 2 DL, then Partner #2 does 2 DL; Partner #1 does 2 Front Squats, then Partner #2 does 2 Front Squats, etc…).

All barbell movements from the floor, no racks. You may use 2 barbells – one for DL, the other for FS/PP.

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