Thursday 3/17/16

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Miss yesterday’s post on treating hand rips? Scroll down, you don’t want to miss it!


Snatch Pull Technique + Snatch

EMOM 10 minutes:
Mins 1-5: Snatch Pull Technique — Hold for 3-second pauses at: 1 inch off floor (should feel like 1 cm), Knee, and Power Position — then return to floor. Go light in weight, build to first Snatch weight.
Mins 6-10: 2x Snatch with at least a 1-second pause at bottom of squat. Ascend only if form is great!

Record heaviest successful Snatch set of 2

St. Patrick’s Day Conditioning

“Luck of the Irish” 4-Leaf Clover Tabata:

8 rounds of :20 on, :10 off for each of the 4 movements. May start at any station, but follow in order listed. Take 1 min rest (2 tabata intervals) between each movement.

Power Snatch (75/55)
Row (Cal)
Heavy Sled Push

Score is total number of reps/calories for the first three movements listed (snatch, row, tuck-ups). Sled push is unscored.

Lax ball – 1st rib mobilization against rack (1 min per side) & calf smash (1 min per leg)

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