Thursday 3/23/17

Announcement: Rowing Class with Coach Erinn THIS Friday at 5:30pm – especially geared toward newer members or those who have never received formal rowing instruction. Cost is $20, cash or billed through Wodify. 


Week 4 of our Intramural Open saw our neon green Team Mother Thrusters steal the team spirit points with their creative and musical march into the gym, and then dominate the participation numbers to take the point total for the fourth week in a row. Meanwhile, our neon pink Team Hustle & Muscle showed a lot of heart and spirit themselves with their birthday cake and song for Team MT captain Corrin, and had their most dominant performances to date, out-scoring Team MT on performance points 14 to 6. Team H&M continues to perform strongly each week in both the Rx and Scaled divisions and across both genders!

View the full scoresheet on our Open page (scroll all the way to the bottom)

As we head into our fifth and final week of the Open, and Team MT fights to maintain their 28-point overall lead on Team H&M, look for some special categories to be announced on the group Facebook pages for this week! 

Bodyweight Strength

Alternating EMOM 8′ (4 Rounds):

1- Strict Muscle-Ups or Pull-Ups (choose # between 1-5) OR 2 Pull-Up Holds with Slow Negative
2- Bulgarian Split Squat (x5 each leg)


“Spring Chicken”

3 Rounds: start each round where you left off on the previous, and count total rounds + reps consecutively throughout


5 Toes to Bar
10 Push Press (95/65)
15 Goblet Squats (53+/35+)

REST 1′ between rounds


Spend 5 minutes foam-rolling any sore or tight areas!

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