Thursday 3/3/16


Open WOD 16.2 is announced Thursday night! Hopefully last week was the longest of the workouts we’ll see this Open season, meaning Saturdays will run a bit quicker and more fast-paced! We will continue to open the gym at 8:45AM, with the Athlete Briefing at 9:10AM. 

NOTE: To ensure all Open athletes have a great experience and so as not to take away from regular class time, moving forward any make-ups for the Saturday WODs may take place during Sunday Open Gym or Monday classes (additional coaches may be on hand to assist). Individual arrangements may be made in advance with the scheduled Friday coach if necessary! 


Paused Front Squat (5×3 @ same weight)

3-second hold at bottom of each rep. Perform 3×3 warm-up (with pause), ascending, before starting working sets.


AMRAP 7 minutes:

10 Wall Balls (20/14)
30 Double-Unders (scale to lower target # — avoid singles)

Calf stretch, toes on wall (30 sec each side)
Downward Dog, 1 min
Pigeon (1 min each side)

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