Thursday 4/19/18

REMINDER! This Saturday 4/21, we will be officially closing out an amazing 2018 Open season with our own version of Open “18.6”! Come at 9AM ready to try for 1-Rep Maxes of your Strict Press, Front Squat, and Deadlift, then stay for a brunch potluck to celebrate a great season! (Or just come for the potluck, that’s fine too!) All interested CFIL athletes are invited to attend, regardless of whether you participated in the Open this year. NOTE: A regular 8AM WOD will still be held if you can’t make it at 9. 

Strength WOD

A: Push Press (3 x 5, ascending)

Rest 2-3 Mins. between sets

B: Push Jerk (5 x 2, ascending)

3-second pause in receiving position

Rest 2 Mins. between sets


12 Min. Continuous Grind:

30 sec Weighted Wall Sit (hold KB in goblet position)
30 sec Ring Plank
80 ft. 2-arm DB Overhead Carry (choose wt. you can go unbroken with good form)
80 ft. DB Low Bear Crawl (same DBs, hold one in each hand)

*reminder 80 ft = 2 lengths (1st to 3rd and back)

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