Thursday 4/26/18

Weightlifting WOD

A: Press in Split (4 x 4, ascending)

Get into your split jerk catch position and perform a press from that position. Can be from front rack or behind the neck.┬áRest 1:30-2′ between sets – focus on positioning over load but try to build from 2 weeks ago

B: Split Jerk (5 x 2, ascending)

Rest 2-3′ between sets – focus on consistently landing in same good position as practiced in Part A

C: Clean and Jerk (EMOM 10′ + 3′ )

EMOM 13′:

Mins 1-5: 1 Clean & Jerk – build to 80-85%
Mins 6-10: 1 Clean & Jerk – all at same weight (80-85%)
Mins 11-13: 3 minutes to try for a heavier single (attempts do not need to be OTM)

Any style of Clean & Jerk is okay (power clean, squat clean, push jerk, split jerk) – encouraged to try the split jerk since it’s what we practiced today.

Record heaviest single C&J completed

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