Thursday 4/13/17

Calling all CFIL competitor rookies! Registration for the April 22 Festivus Games is open for just 2 more days! The Festivus Games is a bi-annual, nationwide CrossFit competition, held the same day at different gyms (“hosts”) across the country, specifically designed for athletes newer to CrossFit competition (i.e., NOT for “Rx” athletes). If you enjoyed the Open but haven’t done much competition outside of that, this would be perfect for you! So far we have Pete, Thomas, and Adi registered to compete (host: CrossFit Verity in Sterling, VA) and they’d love some more company and spirit! Check out the WODs and Division standards, and be sure to register before this Saturday (4/15) to guarantee your spot.

Registration for Festivus Games at CrossFit Verity!

REMINDER: Classes today (Thursday 4/13) will be held at 6AM, 5:30PM, and 6:30PM ONLY (no 7AM or 9:45AM classes)

Conditioning Team WOD

The way we program workouts and especially partner/team workouts is very intentional with respect to the level of intensity we are trying to get out of you on a given day. In today’s workout we are switching athletes by round as opposed to breaking the work up as needed; this creates longer rest periods and therefore — we expect — more intense bouts of work.


Teams of 3, AMRAP 24′:

7 Russian KB Swings (53+/35+)
7 Box Jumps (24/20″)
1 Shuttle Run
7 Burpees
1 Shuttle Run

Partners complete full rounds, then switch. Count rounds consecutively and record total rounds + reps completed as a team.

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