Thursday 4/27/17

Athletes! Just TWO spots remain in the May 2017 Powerlifting/Strongman strength seminar series — see the sign-up form for full details, and fill out the form ASAP if you want to sign up! 

Sign-Up Form: Powerlifting/Strongman Strength Seminar Series 


“Quad Tabata”

4 x Tabatas with 1:00 Rest between each.

For each Tabata (Round), count your reps for each of the 8 intervals; score is your LOWEST number of reps over the 8 intervals. Record score for each of the 4 rounds.

ROUND 1: Wall Balls (20/14 to 10’/9′)
ROUND 2: Push-Ups
ROUND 3: Double-Unders
ROUND 4: Ball Slams (30+/25+)


Midline Finisher

3 sets of this complex:
15 Sit-Ups + 10 Tuck-Ups + 5 V-Ups (go immediately into the next movement)
Rest as needed between sets

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